We offer professional session recording of:​​

 ‣ Vocals/Voice (Lead/BGs, Rap, Voice-over)

 ‣ Instruments (Acoustic, Electric, MIDI)

 ‣ Bands & Ensembles (Duo/Trio/Quartet)

For Studio Recording, we utlize a world-class audio equipment signal chain hosted in a flexible and professionally operated and treated project studio environment. Our in-house audio engineer will carefully capture your vocal/voice, instrument or band/ensemble performance. Our recording studio in Vancouver is conveniently located and offers free street parking, hand sanitization and mask wearing before and after the session. 

For Mobile Recording, we utilize a digital mixing console in combination with a Pro Tools rig. We use specific live microphones, DI's and other audio equipment to accurately capture your live performance. We operate out of any venue, place or studio.

For Music Video / Live Streaming, a talented videographer helps our on location audio engineer capture your live music video performance or streaming session.

We operate with hourly or/and project-based rates, so please contact us to inquire further about budgeting and scheduling.

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