We provide Production services such as:

 ‣ Producing, Mixing & Mastering

 ‣ Co-Writing & Collaboration

 ‣ Beat Making & Arrangements

  • We produce, mix/master and arrange music for artists and clients

  • We co-write, collaborate and jam online, in studio and on location in Vancouver

  • We make Beats available for licensing online as of 2021

​We specialize in Recording of:

 ‣ Vocals/Voice (Lead/BGs, Rap, Voice-over)

 ‣ Instruments (Acoustic, Electric, MIDI)

 ‣ Bands & Ensembles (Duo/Trio/Quartet)

  • For Studio Session Recording, we utilize a world-class signal chain and gear in a flexible, smaller scale yet professionally operated and treated project studio environment located in Vancouver

  • For Mobile Recording, we utilize a digital mixing console tracking into a Pro Tools session with microphones, DI's and other live sound equipment

  • For Music Video / Live Streaming, a talented videographer helps our audio engineer capture your live music video performance or streaming session

We teach Learning programs such as:

 ‣ Music Production & Engineering

 ‣ Pop/Jazz Keyboard & RCM Classical Piano

 ‣ Music Theory & Harmonization

  • We welcome students of all ages, levels and backgrounds. No prerequisites.

  • Lessons are taught weekly, for a specific project or period of time and are hosted online, in studio or on location


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