We teach music, production and studio lessons such as:

  • Compositional Keyboarding:  piano techniques, accompaniment styles, voicing, composition

  • Music Theory & Harmonization:  notation, reading music, intervals, rhythms, ear training

  • Music Career Direction:  prepares you to take the fast track towards a music industry career

  • Studio & Sound Techniques:  recording, mix, mastering, digital/analog audio theory, acoustics

  • Music Production:  sequencing, MIDI, sampling, instrument parts, groove patterns, mixing


As a principle, we welcome students of all ages, levels and backgrounds. The only prerequisite for learning is the availability of a midi controller, audio interface and laptop depending on the type of lessons. Lessons are usually taught weekly, for a specific project or period of time and are hosted primarily online (using Zoom/Meet), at our studio in Vancouver (adhering to Covid19 precautions) and occasionally on location.

Trial lessons and promo packages are available so you can try a Learning program before committing further. In addition, we host an annual recital for our production, composition or/and performance oriented students free of charge. This session is currently hosted online.

We offer new students a FREE 35-min trial lesson or a discounted rate during the first month.

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